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Can I tow the machine on my car?  

You will need to check the specs for your particular car.
Towing weights for each machine with the trailer are as follows:

SK17SR - 2.5 Tonne
SK25SR - 3.48 Tonne
Posi Track - 2.4 Tonne

All of our machines are easily towable with our Tipper Trucks.

Do you deliver?

Yes we offer delivery from our yard in New Gisborne.

Up to 5 km = $20 each way

6 klm to 20 km = $45 each way

21 klm to 60 = $100 each way

What fuel do I use for machines?

All of our excavators and posi tracks are run with Diesel.

Am I responsible for refuelling the machines before return?

All of our excavators, posi tracks & Tipper Trucks need to be returned with a full tank of Diesel unless otherwise arranged.

What risk do I take Digging on my own property?

For your own safety, we highly recommend you contact BYDA before you start any excavation works:

What forms of ID are needed to hire equipment?

For all our hires we require a current Australian Drivers Licence.

Do I need a special licence to hire equipment?

There is no unique or specific license required for operating or hiring plant equipment

Further questions?

Contact us via or 0418 660 887 to discuss your needs

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